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We didn't want just classical performances; we wanted to create artistic works that would touch the hearts of our audience. Through informal gatherings, we became ambitious in our desire to take our adventure to a new level. We wanted to stimulate dialogue, evoke emotions, and establish a connection between art and the community.


Our first experiences on stage included four theater plays based on texts by professional authors, breaking boundaries in our teenage years. The peak of our beginnings was the musical "Hanka," inspired by Roma culture with the music of Goran Bregović, bringing together over 300 participants. After formal establishment, collaboration with international financiers allowed us to create serious artistic works. "Nevjestinski ponor (The Bride's Abyss)" and "Mr. It Boy" became an integral part of Maglaj's cultural identity, transmitting our story beyond local borders. In the years that followed, we directed the production of performances, focusing on branding the Maglaj fortress with light installations, avenue events, and performances in support of the Natron-Hayat factory after a tragic explosion, and in memory of the Srebrenica genocide. Our greatest pride is the performance "Living Flag for the Homeland," which was a daily, weekly, and monthly favorite on the "Art for Freedom" platform launched by pop icon Madonna with Vice magazine.