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Education and Skills Development

Debate and Activism School

We are proud of the initiative to launch the first debate school in the Zenica-Tuzla region. Through this initiative, we aim to convey to young people the importance of communication culture, exchanging opinions, and articulate expression. Through educational modules, participants gain skills that will benefit them in all aspects of life.

Skills development courses

In line with our mission to encourage the development of young leaders, we organize courses in various fields. This includes courses in leadership skills, project management, communication skills, scriptwriting, philanthropy, and ecology. Through these courses, we want to provide young people with tools and knowledge that will help them succeed in various areas.

Speakers and mentors

Over the past seven years, we have hosted more than 30 speakers who are prominent leaders in their fields. Among them are former presidents, university rectors, masters of prestigious institutions, PhDs, entrepreneurs, and training experts. These speakers share their experiences and knowledge with young people, providing them with inspiration for personal and professional development.


Over 100 young people have gone through our educational modules. These modules are continuously adapted to the needs of young people and trends in the module spheres. Through interactive and adaptable courses, we want to encourage young people to develop their potentials and become leaders in their communities.