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Maglaj Spirit Weekend

Maglaj Spirit Weekend: Festival of Maglaj Spirit

Regional challenge

The Zenica-Doboj region, like many others, yearns for music and film events that would revive the spirit of youth. Maglaj Spirit Weekend arises from the desire to provide this region with a platform that transcends borders and creates unforgettable experiences for young people.

Discussion platform

The festival is not just about entertainment; it is a platform for deep discussions. We want to draw attention to the preservation of monuments, such as the medieval fortress, which is the central location of the festival. Through discussions about art, culture, and the preservation of cultural heritage, Maglaj Spirit Weekend aims to raise awareness of the importance of preserving monuments that are symbols of our past.

Unique location

There is no better place for such an event than the medieval fortress in the heart of Maglaj. This is not just a meeting place; it is a symbol of strength and resilience through the centuries, now a space where young artists meet with the past to shape the future.

Global passion and local action:

Maglaj Spirit Weekend is not just a festival; it is a continuation of our passion to think globally and act locally. Everything we do aims to transfer the energy of young generations to the heart of our communities. Through this festival, we want to stimulate changes not only in our region but also beyond, making the world a better place.


In the two organized festivals so far, we have gathered young people (over 1500 of them) from Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina in partnership with the Network of Young European Ambassadors, the Project "Strengthening Trust and Cohesion in Communities in BiH" (EU, UN, OSCE, Council of Europe), and the Municipality of Maglaj, making Maglaj Spirit Weekend the centerpiece of presenting urban culture with a focus on film and contemporary music trends.